Comic-Con 2010 Day Two Wrap-Up

Day two of Comic-Con 2010 comes to a close with a day filled with zombie slaying, superhero battling, and a little bounty hunting on the side. Here are all the top stories!


Whew! We officially have another day of Comic-Con coverage under our belt, but just in case you missed the chaos, we’ve sifted through the huge pile of news to bring you the biggest gaming headlines that have sprung up in the past 24 hours. Check them out below, including Marvel vs. Capcom 3’s newest (and craziest) characters, juicy story details in the next big Star Wars game, and beating up some nasty ex-boyfriends. Don’t forget to stick with us through the weekend as we continue to brace the crowds to bring you the best coverage of this year’s San Diego Comic-Con!





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