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CoD: Warzone And MW3 Season 3 Roadmap Includes CTF, New Perks, And Advanced Warfare Weapons

The new season brings a new battle pass with Snoop Dogg, more MP maps, perks, and game modes.


Season 3 of Modern Warfare 3, Warzone, and Warzone Mobile arrives on April 3, and Activision has revealed what players can expect for this new season of Call of Duty. This includes the CTF game mode and new maps for multiplayer, the return of Snoop Dogg with a new battle pass skin, the return of Rebirth Island to Warzone, and Cheech & Chong become Call of Duty operators.

Four new guns arrive with Season 3. The FJX Horus submachine gun, the MORS sniper rifle from Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, and the Gladiator melee weapon are all included in the free tiers of the battle pass. The BAL-27 assault rifle from Advanced Warfare will arrive with the midseason update.

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This new season brings plenty of stoner content with Snoop Dogg and Cheech & Chong operator skins, as well as the new Growhouse multiplayer map. Modern Warfare 3 is getting a total of six multiplayer maps. Along with Growhouse, which is a reskin of Vanguard's Sphere map, Season 3 includes a resort set on a skyscraper in Dubai, Emergency is themed around an Arizona medical facility, Tanked is an aquarium map based on Warzone's Vondel POI, Checkpoint is a Rebirth Island POI, and Grime is a graffitied part of London.

Season 3's new MP game modes include the return of Capture the Flag, the popular One in the Chamber party mode, Escort, and a new mode variant called Minefield. Minefield adds the threat of going kaboom, as fallen players drop proximity mines to litter the map in a mix of various game modes.

Players can also expect three new perk vests to choose from. Gunslinger is a vest that takes away the primary weapon slot, but gives the player boosts to stamina, sprinting, and reloading. The Modular Assault Rig is geared towards players who want a full supply of ammo, and the ability to scavenge lethal and tactical equipment from dead players. Lastly, the Compression Carrier vest provides assisted healing and gas protection.

Season 3 roadmap for MW3, Warzone, and Warzone Mobile
Season 3 roadmap for MW3, Warzone, and Warzone Mobile

Other new perks include Reinforced Boots to provide immunity to movement reduction effects, and the High-Gain Antenna zooms out the minimap and provides more intel.

For Zombies mode, Season 3 includes a new story mission, the third Dark Aether Rift quest, more schematics to unlock, and a new Warlord boss. However, all of the Zombies content is scheduled for the mid-season update.

Season 3's update for Warzone includes the return of Rebirth Island for Resurgence modes. The map will also feature a new Champion's Quest nuke challenge with unique rewards. Last season, Ranked Play took place on the Fortune's Keep map. This season, competitive players will get to battle out on Rebirth Island for those top placements.

Warzone also adds a "Bootcamp" mode for new players. This mode features 20 real players and 24 bots, and is only available to play in Quads. It also includes limited XP progression, as it's just intended to teach new players how Warzone works.

The Foresight and Specialist perks returns from Warzone 1, and these are only available on Rebirth Island. Foresight serves as a rare killstreak that offers the intel of knowing all future gas circles, including the end game circle. Specialist gives players every perk available in Warzone.

Warzone Mobile shares progression and the battle pass with MW3 and the standard version of Warzone, so players can unlock the new weapons, cosmetics, and continue leveling up by playing on mobile. Season 3 will add Warzone's Plunder and Buy Back modes to the mobile version, and Rust arrives for Warzone Mobile's small selection of multiplayer modes.

For those new to Warzone Mobile, here we break down how shared progress works, and we also provide some tips for the best settings to use.

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