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Civilization 6 Video Shows Off What Makes the Egyptians Unique

Egypt focuses on trade and building wonders.


Having previously highlighted the likes of the United States and England, 2K has released a new Civilization VI video focused on Egypt.

After two straight games with other leaders, Egypt is again led by Cleopatra in Civilization VI. The video above runs down the various ways in which Egypt is set apart, including its ability to build districts and wonders faster when they're placed on rivers. Egypt also earns additional gold from trade routes while offering bonus food to other cities trading with it, making it a more valuable partner.

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Egypt's unique unit is the Maryannu Chariot Archer. When it starts a turn on open terrain, it gets a bonus to movement, letting it strike quickly. Egypt also has a unique tile improvement in the sphinx, which offers faith and culture. If they're built next to a wonder, they also receive additional bonuses. This, along with its ability to build them faster, is why 2K describes Egypt as a "wonder-focused" civilization.

Civilization VI makes a major change in unstacking its cities; no longer do you build most everything on a single tile. You can see more of what sets the game apart in our chat with Firaxis, or have Sean Bean narrate a lovely overview of the game, which launches on October 21.

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