Watch Sean Bean Offer a Delightful Rundown on Civilization 6

Get the overview of a Civ VI match courtesy of Ned Stark.

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The newest entry in the Civilization series, Civilization VI, is coming later this year, and you can get the full rundown on what to expect during a match from none other than Sean Bean. It's quite enjoyable.

Following a brief look back at some of the previous Civ games, the new walkthrough video from 2K features Bean talking through the progression that happens over the course of a game. If you're not familiar with the series, this is a good way to get a sense of how a match plays out. If you are, it's a fine opportunity to enjoy Bean's dulcet tones and the delightfully smooth mouse movements of someone playing for the purposes of a demo.

One of the focuses of the video is the unstacking of cities. Civilization VI no longer forces all developments to be built on the same tile as the city itself; now, you have to spread out and consider where things are constructed.

We also get maybe our best look yet at the game's UI and many of its new buildings and policies. Later on, we get to see some of the game's advanced military units like battleships, tanks, and bombers. There's a lot to take in for a 12-minute video.

Civilization VI launches for PC on October 21. For more, check out our recent discussion with senior producer Dennis Shirk and our run through the first 50 turns of a match.

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