Cities: Skylines' New Snowfall Expansion Arrives This Month

Snow, trams, snowplows, and more coming very soon.


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The recently announced snow-themed expansion pack for Cities: Skylines will be out later this month, Paradox has announced.

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Snowfall, as the DLC is called, will appropriately be out right in the heart of winter: February 18. It introduces a new weather system that allows it to snow, something that introduces new challenges as roads need to be cleared and houses warmed.

Other new features include a tram system (which should prove to be more reliable than road-based transportation during snowstorms), new winter parks and landmarks, and snowplow depots.

Similar to Skylines' first expansion, After Dark, Snowfall will cost $13 and launch alongside a free update for all Skylines owners. It seems that, also like that first DLC pack, the central addition--snowfall--will be offered for free, with the expansion adding more content centered around that feature.

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