Here's All of the Free Stuff Cities: Skylines' Expansion Adds, in Infographic Form

Nighttime and more.


Cities: Skylines' first expansion, After Dark, is now just over a week away. Whether or not you plan on picking it up, the game is set to receive some significant additions for free next week.

As previously announced, what would appear to be the central aspect of the expansion--nighttime--is actually something all Cities: Skylines owners will get in a patch on September 24. The infographic below outlines some of the other freebies also coming in that update, including the ability for police to actually capture criminals (as opposed to simply reducing the amount of crime that takes place).

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None of these new features will have any impact on the game's system requirements, and an Xbox One version of the expansion is in the works, according to tweets from the official game account.

As for what the expansion itself does, there are new nighttime-specific zones, transportation options, specializations (leisure and beach), and new city services. It's due out the same day as the patch, September 24, for $15.

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Cities: Skylines debuted earlier this year and was a quick success, selling more than 1 million units in its first month alone. Those sales figures surprised even its developer, which has pledged new free and paid content for the game that continues to have a robust modding community. For more on After Dark, check out our talk with designer Karoliina Korppoo.

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