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China's Console Ban Is Now Totally Over

"This is great news," Sony says about the move.


China has now officially and fully lifted its console gaming ban, allowing systems such as PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Wii U to spread their reach into the gamer-rich and potentially lucrative market.

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The Wall Street Journal reports that China's Ministry of Culture released a statement this week that explains companies like Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo can now manufacture and sell anywhere in the region.

This is a big step up from the previous conditions, under which console makers could do business only in the Shanghai Free Trade Zone--this "stifled sales and potential growth," WSJ said.

“This is great news for us," a Sony spokesperson said. Microsoft and Nintendo were not immediately available to comment.

Though there are undoubtedly lots and lots of gamers in China, the country's censorship rules could impact the performance of games in the region.

The Xbox One launched in China in September 2014, with the PS4 following in March 2015. Nintendo has not yet announced specific plans to bring its consoles or games to the market.

China enacted its console ban in 2000, blocking the sale of systems over concerns about potential harm to the physical and mental development of children.

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