Carcassonne builds out XBLA

Sierra Online brings tile-based board game to Xbox 360 this Wednesday; expansion set included in download.


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At last year's Games Convention in Leipzig, Germany, Microsoft announced it would be blitzing board game fans with a trio of titles for the Xbox Live Arcade. The first of those, Catan, came out last month. While the Arabian-themed stock market game Alhambra remains undated, Catan will be joined on the Xbox 360's downloadable game service this week by Sierra Online's Carcassonne.

Microsoft today announced that Carcassonne will be released on the Live Arcade this Wednesday at 2 a.m. Pacific. Originally released in 2000, the Carcassonne board game lets players build a walled cityscape one square tile at a time, aiming to earn the most points by placing followers within completed farms, roads, and cities.

The game will include the original 72-tile board game, as well as its 12-tile The River expansion pack. Sierra Online is also including support for the Xbox Live Vision camera, a tutorial mode, and online multiplayer. Carcassonne has been rated E for Everyone and will sell for 800 Microsoft points ($10). For more on the game, check out GameSpot's latest coverage.

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