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Call Of Duty's New BlackCell Operator Is One Of The Flashiest Yet

Take a look at the newest BlackCell operator, Stasis, and learn more about all the content in the bundle.


Each new Call of Duty season typically brings with it another BlackCell DLC bundle, and that trend continues with the upcoming debut of Season 3 on April 3. This newest BlackCell DLC bundle comes with a variety of cosmetic items that will make your character really stand out.

BlackCell DLC bundles are known for their animated skins, and this will be the case again. The new Stasis operator is decked out with shimmering gold and vertical glyph streams. Beyond the animated elements, the operator bundle includes a "glitch-wear mask" and teal blue accents. Here's what the skin looks like, though the animation effects are not yet clear.

The new BlackCell DLC is out soon
The new BlackCell DLC is out soon

As usual, everyone who buys the BlackCell bundle gets instant access to the BlackCell-specific part of the general Season 3 battle pass map. This includes 20 Battle Token tier skips that should help players unlock other content faster.

In addition to the Stasis operator, the BlackCell Season 3 bundle comes with immediate access to the Aggressive Action frag grenade with its own unique death effect, the Double Barrel Disrespect finishing move, the All that Glitters BlackCell animated blueprint for the BAS-B battle rifle with its own unique death effects, and an allotment of 1,100 COD Points (about $10 USD).

BlackCell DLC bundles typically cost around $30, so that's the price point we're expecting for this newest offering for Season 3.

The standard Season 3 battle pass, meanwhile, has 110 items up for grabs, and these are available to everyone who grinds for them, including BlackCell owners. And everyone who buys the standard battle pass and then upgrades to BlackCell will get 1,100 COD Points.

Season 3 is the first new season since Call of Duty: Warzone Mobile released on March 21. As announced previously, player progress and all store bundles bought on one platform carry over to another, so you can grind on console, for example, and your progress and purchases will also be applied to mobile. However, COD Points do not move between platforms.

For more, check out GameSpot's rundown of everything coming to Call of Duty in the Season 3 update, including a bunch of 4/20-themed content and a mode that turns fallen foes into mines.

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