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New CoD Mode Turns Dead Enemies Into Your Worst Nightmare

Call of Duty's newest mode turns the map into a very dangerous game of the floor is lava, basically.


Activision has announced more details on Call of Duty's upcoming Season 3 update, and among the new additions is a mode called "Minefield." In a blog post, Activision said fans can think of this like "multiplayer but with mines," and it sounds like things can get pretty chaotic.

Available for the Kill Confirmed, Domination, and Hardpoint modes, Minefield employs those modes' rules but with one key change. Every time you kill an enemy, a proximity mine is plunged onto the ground where the enemy player died.

The mine is immovable and is deadly to all enemy players. Activision said as the match progresses, these mines will combine to create a literal minefield that can "ramp up the action to a cacophony of chaos." This sounds reminiscent of the Martyrdom perk from previous Call of Duty games where your character dropped a live grenade when they were killed.

Watch your step
Watch your step

Another mode heading to Modern Warfare III's multiplayer is Escort. First seen within Call of Duty: Warzone, Escort has one team protecting a vehicle as it makes its way across a map. The opposing side is trying to stop that from happening. Both teams have unlimited respawns, and players switch sides in this round-based mode.

Finally, the fan-favorite Vortex playlist returns to Modern Warfare III during Season 3, featuring the supernatural-themed maps Airborne, Satan's Quarry, Skidgrow, Sporeyard, and Tetanus. New for Season 3 is an Arcade Mode modifier, featuring "gameplay modifiers" that Activision said it will reveal later on. An event called Vortex Vir.Rus Mainframe is launching with this new playlist.

These modes and playlists will be available in Modern Warfare III sometime mid-season, so they won't be there at launch come April 3. But Warzone brings back Rebirth Island that day, and Modern Warfare III adds the brand-new multiplayer maps 6 Star and Emergency.

For more, check out GameSpot's rundown of everything coming to Call of Duty in the Season 3 update, including a bunch of 4/20-themed content.

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