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Call Of Duty: Warzone / Vanguard Season 2 Live Now--Start Times And Details

Here's what we know about Season 2 of Vanguard and Warzone.


Activision is bringing a massive content drop with Call of Duty Season 2 arriving to Vanguard and Warzone today, February 14. Live right now, it's themed around armored war machines and chemical warfare, players can expect new operators, weapons, and a new battle pass for Vanguard's second season with Warzone's integration. It comes as news is swirling of a potential Warzone 2 reveal.

Season 2 start time

Vanguard's Season 2 update is available to download now, as is Warzone's. Both entered Season 2 beginning at 9 AM PT / noon ET on February 14.

New operators and weapons

Season 2 roadmap
Season 2 roadmap

Three new operators are being introduced for Season 2 of Vanguard and Warzone. One will be included in the season pass, while the other two operators will become available later in the season through store bundles.

Season 2 will also include four new weapons. Two weapons can be unlocked through the free tiers of the battle pass. Later in the season, two additional weapons will be available to unlock either with an in-game challenge for free or through purchase of a bundle.


Project Nebula

As revealed in the Season 2 cinematic trailer, Captain Butcher discovered the Nazis have developed a chemical weapon known as Project Nebula. This Nebula V gas is being added to bring a tactical element to Warzone, with gas being used as a new ammo type and very toxic but rare bomb.

New points of interest

New points of interest will be added to Caldera with the new season. Keeping with the toxic gas theme, the Chemical Factory and Chemical Weapon Research Labs are being added to the island. The Chemical Factory is a new main point of interest on the map, and there will be seven Chemical Weapon Research Labs for players to explore. However, the most notable change with Season 2's new locations is the addition of armed NPCs. Seemingly taking a page from games like Fortnite, these new areas are said to offer high-quality loot but will be guarded by squads of soldiers.

Bomber planes

Warzone's bomber plane
Warzone's bomber plane

In addition to chemical warfare this season, there will be a new threat in the sky for the Vanguard Royale playlists. Bomber planes will offer aerial ground strikes capable of taking out players and vehicles. These pesky bombers planes can also destroy loadout drops. These new planes can be countered with attacks from the standard fighter planes or one of Caldera's AA guns.

New modes

Season 2 will feature two limited-time modes: Caldera Clash and Rebirth Iron Trials. Caldera Clash is a spin-off of Clash and Warzone Rumble modes from the old Verdansk map, and Rebirth Iron Trials is Warzone's hardcore mode from Verdansk made for the Rebirth Island map.

You can see a full list of patch notes, as well, to learn about the other changes included.



With Season 2 launching on Valentine's Day, players can expect a holiday-themed experience with Vanguard's update. Activision's description is vague here, but the themed experience is said to include some double XP opportunities and thematic changes.

The seasonal update includes two new multiplayer maps with Casablanca and Gondola. Coming later in the season, Activision teases a new "Arms Race" mode that will take place on an upcoming large-scale map. Arms Race is described as using armored motorcycles, squad transport vehicles, and tanks to destroy enemy bases. More information on this new map and mode will be coming from Sledgehammer Games at a later time.

Call of Duty's competitive Ranked Play playlist will roll out as a beta for the launch of Season 2. Ranked Play will feature Call of Duty League-approved rules, visible skill ratings, and new competitive rewards.


Season 2 of Vanguard Zombies
Season 2 of Vanguard Zombies

Season 2 of Vanguard Zombies will deliver brand-new locations for zombie-slaying, and it finally introduces the mode's main story quest for the fight against Von List and Kortifex.

In addition to the current Der Anfang map, Season 2 will add "Terra Maledicta," which is a new starting hub set in Egypt's Eastern Desert. Portals from Terra Maledicta will take players to locations such as Dark Aether. Terra Maledicta also presents players with a main Easter egg quest, sending them on a search for a missing page from the Tome of Rituals. Side Easter eggs are also returning in Zombies, which Activision says are inspired by the classic "Origins" map from Black Ops II.

The seasonal update will include a new Artifact, new enemy type, and two Wonder Weapons, which includes the return of the iconic Ray Gun.

Season 2 is set to bring a ton of content to Vanguard and Warzone, but Call of Duty Mobile is also getting new content for its second season. Activision Blizzard is in the process of being acquired by Microsoft, pending regulatory approval, but the deal isn't expected to go through until later this year at the soonest.

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