Call Of Duty Mobile Season 2 Start Times And Details

Here is everything we know about Season 2 of Call of Duty Mobile, which is teased to include a classic Modern Warfare 3 map.


Call of Duty Mobile's Lunar New Year–themed Season 1: Heist is ending soon, but the developer is already teasing a nighttime variant of a classic Modern Warfare 3 map and new gun for the mobile game's second season of 2022.

Season 2 start time

Call of Duty Mobile's Season 1 battle pass is set to expire in 17 days. Assuming Call of Duty Mobile's previous start times are followed, Season 2 should arrive on February 23 at 4 PM PT / 7 PM ET. However, release times are subject to change.

New multiplayer map

The mobile version of Call of Duty serves up a lot of nostalgia with seasonal content continuing to add multiplayer maps from past games, and Season 2 is now teasing the arrival of Modern Warfare 3's Hardhat with a slightly new look.

Originally, Hardhat's construction site made for a daytime location, but Call of Duty Mobile's Twitter account has teased an image of the map with a dark and rainy setting, saying "Twilight construction to maximize efficiency, so that this new location will be ready for your arrival."

New weapons

A new season also brings new weapons. While we don't know the specific weapons that will be included with Season 2, the developer did give a hint for one DLC gun. On February 6, the developer tweeted an image of an empty weapon case, asking players if they could figure out what could've been in the empty weapon crate.

Some players replied to the tweet with speculation that the shape inside the weapon crate would perfectly fit the JAK-12 shotgun. The JAK-12 is a fully automatic shotgun that was originally added with Season 6 of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare.

As always with a new season of Call of Duty Mobile, players should expect a new 50-tier battle pass with weapons, new equipment, and cosmetics for Season 2. More operators, seasonal challenges, new events, and additional game modes will likely be included as well, but more details should get revealed as the Season 2 start time approaches.

Vanguard's second season is also scheduled to arrive later this month. Activision recently teased that "armored war machines" are coming to both Vanguard and Warzone. Here is everything we know is coming with Vanguard's Season 2.

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