Bungie's Trademark For "BungieCon" Has Resurfaced

Some believe Bungie is gearing up to announce a fan convention of its own, but it's early days.


A trademark that Bungie originally filed in 2020 is making the rounds again this week, prompting speculation that the Destiny studio may have plans for its own convention.

Bungie's trademark for "BungieCon," which was originally filed in summer 2020, covers all manner of products, including jewellery, trading cards, pants, and boots, along with something more befitting its name.

The Goods & Services description states that BungieCon could apply to the "organizing and conducting [of] fan conventions in the fields of video and computer games."

The connection people are making here is that Bungie has plans to hold its own fan convention. This potential idea is further bolstered by the news back in 2017 that Bungie had trademarked "DestinyCon."

If Bungie is indeed planning a fan convention, that might explain the other Goods & Services descriptions for things like jewellery, trading cards, and clothing. It's not uncommon for those types of things to be sold at a convention.

Combined, it appears that Bungie is at least interested in the idea of a fan convention, or even less than that; that it wants to get the trademark to protect its future opportunity to use that name for a fan convention should the developer ever want to do this.

Trademark filings do not always result in future product announcements. For example, Activision trademarked all manner of Call of Duty games that never came to be, including Secret Warfare and Space Warfare. That being said, sometimes they do; like when Bethesda trademarked "Starfield" all the way back in 2013 before the company announced the game in 2018.

Going back to Bungie, the studio has legions of dedicated fans who love Destiny and may well want to attend some kind of fan convention if Bungie were to offer one. It wouldn't be the first time a developer of a popular game held a fan convention dedicated to it. Before the pandemic, there were in-person fan gatherings like ExileCon (Path of Exile), BlizzCon (Blizzards games), TennoCon (Warframe), Final Fantasy Fan Festival (Final Fantasy), and more.

In other Bungie news, the developer recently announced an ambitious expansion plan for its studio in Washington which will support a hybrid model of in-office and remote working. Bungie also reiterated that it plans to release a new, non-Destiny IP by 2025 and bring Destiny to "additional media."

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