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Bringing Games to PC Won't Kill Xbox, Microsoft Director Says

"Today, if you play games, you're playing games on just about everything you own."


Not everyone has been thrilled with Microsoft's new PC/console unification program through Xbox Play Anywhere. Even before this was announced at E3, the confirmation that Quantum Break was coming to PC back in February ruffled some feathers. Some claimed it was the death of console exclusives and even further, that it might mean Microsoft is backing away from the console space.

This is not the case, according to Xbox executive Albert Penello. Appearing on the latest Inner Circle podcast, Penello said bringing games to PC doesn't take anything away from the console market, but instead gives gamers more opportunities to play games.

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"There's a debate or a discussion that you can have with a certain type of people online and you want to argue details and argue nuance, but the reality is that most people don't make that kind of choice," Penello said about the idea that someone wouldn't buy a game just because it's on another platform.

"Today, if you play games, you're playing games on just about everything you own," he added. "You're playing games on your phone, you're playing games on your console when you want to lay back in front of that big TV, and you're playing PC games when you want that keyboard and mouse, up-close, highly customized kind of experience. Even guys that are diehard console gamers, we know they play on their phone and PC."

Similarly, there are hardcore PC gamers out there who also play on console and mobile.

"So to me, the idea that you're bringing games to the PC suddenly means that people don't want consoles doesn't ring true to how gamers really behave," Penello added.

The Xbox Play Anywhere feature, as well as Microsoft's efforts to launch more games on Steam, is all about giving people more places to buy and enjoy games, Penello explained.

"Giving PC guys the opportunity to play Quantum Break and Killer Instinct doesn't doesn't really take anything away from the console guys," he explained. "It just gives more people a chance to play great games on the device they want to play on."

Some of the upcoming Xbox Play Anywhere games that will be released on Xbox One and PC include Gears of War 4, Forza Horizon 3, and Halo Wars 2. No new numbered entries in the mainline Halo series have been announced for PC, but Halo 5's Forge tools are on the way to Windows 10 computers. A recent report claimed that future Halo games, including potentially Halo 6, could be released on PC.

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