Binding of Isaac Creator's Next Game Probably Coming To Nintendo Switch

Hey-ho it's Bum-Bo.


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Super Meat Boy and The Binding of Isaac creator Edmund McMillen has indicated his next game, The Legend of Bum-Bo, will be released for the Nintendo Switch. McMillen was fielding questions on Twitter and when asked by a follower whether the game would get a Switch release he said, "I think so yeah."

The Legend of Bum-Bo was announced in March 2016, but little has been seen of it since. McMillen is working on it alongside collaborators James Id and Ridiculon, and the game is described as a "turn-based puzzle RPG type thingy that's randomly generated."

The Legend of Bum-Bo's stylised logo hints at a connection to The Binding of Isaac and McMillen also teased the link when posting about it on the Isaac blog.

"But why is this on the Isaac blog?!," he asked. "What does this have to do with Isaac? When Isaac!? Isaac? Isaac! Why!? Well I'm sure those questions will be answered in the coming months once we tease a bit more."

The End Is Nigh, an adventure platformer from McMillen, is also set for release on the Nintendo Switch. Although the Steam version launches on on July 12, the Switch release is set for an as of yet undisclosed date in the future.

The End is Nigh is set after the "end of the world." Players control Ash, one of the few "things" to survive the apparent apocalypse. You must guide Ash through nightmarish levels filled with "decaying" mutant creatures, collecting video game cartridges and tumors along the way.

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