Bible game Call of Abraham still in the works, dev hopeful to release on Xbox One and PS4

Developer Phoenix Interactive Studios currently in talks with "several" prospective investors to release the game on time this fall.

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Though the Indiegogo campaign for the Christian-themed game Bible Chronicles: The Call of Abraham attracted just $875 from nine backers, that does not mean the project won't become a reality. Speaking with GameSpot, developer Phoenix Interactive Studios cofounder Martin Bertram said "we're still moving forward with development at best speed."

Right now, the studio is working on building the in-game cities of Memphis, Egypt, and Haran, as well as a cinematic trailer for the game. As for funding, Bertram said Phoenix Interactive Studios has put together a private placement memorandum (PPM) and is even in talks with "several" prospective investors.

If funding comes through in a timely manner, the game will launch across PC, Mac, Linux, Xbox (360/One) and PlayStation (3/4) this October, Bertram said. Should the company's attempts to raise capital fall short, the The Call of Abraham will still be delivered, but not on time, he said.

"It is possible if we don't finalize a deal soon that we may not be able to release the game on time, but we will definitely complete this project and release it," he said.

As for why the Indiegogo campaign attracted so little money (compared to the $19,000 that came in through Kickstarter), Bertram said the campaign was more a fan service than anything else.

"We didn't promote Indiegogo at all and really that campaign was intended to be for the benefit of those who pledged on Kickstarter, to extend the special pricing tiers they pledged for if they were interested in doing so," he said.

In Call of Abraham, a third-person adventure game, you play as a member of Abraham's caravan and will (virtually) travel to places like Egypt and Mesopotamia. The game was not designed with evangelism in mind, its designers said in January, but rather seeks only to tell a story they believe is interesting and one that had a "real impact" on the course of history.

For or more on Call of Abraham, be sure to check out our in-depth interview with the game's creators.

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