Bible game Call of Abraham crowdfunding campaign closes with just $875 from nine backers

Indiegogo campaign for Bible Chronicles: The Call of Abraham ends well short of goal.

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The Indiegogo campaign for Christian-themed video game Bible Chronicles: The Call of Abraham has concluded well short of its target of $50,000. The campaign from developer Phoenix Interactive Studios raised $875 from nine backers when it ended on March 5.

This was Phoenix Interactive Studios' second attempt to raise money to complete The Call of Abraham, after developers originally launched a Kickstarter campaign in January. This effort was canceled in the 11th hour after raising $19,000 of its $100,000 goal from 199 backers.

Kickstarter has an all-or-nothing clause, so Phoenix Interactive Studios could not keep that money. However, Indiegogo does not have this clause, meaning the $875 will stay with the studio. It is unclear how Phoenix Interactive Studios will move forward on the project.

A Steam Greenlight page for The Call of Abraham went live in January and currently has 244 comments, though the game has not been approved by Valve yet.

In Call of Abraham, a third-person adventure game, you play as a member of Abraham's caravan and will (virtually) travel to places like Egypt and Mesopotamia. The game was not designed with evangelism in mind, its designers said in January, but rather seeks only to tell a story they believe is interesting and one that had a "real impact" on the course of history.

For or more on Call of Abraham, be sure to check out our in-depth interview with the game's creators.

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