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Bethesda E3 2015 Press Conference News Roundup

No falling out.


Bethesda started off E3 2015 with a bang, announcing a bunch of news and showing off footage of its upcoming games.

Bethesda demoed Doom for the first time to a worldwide audience, and we saw the gruesome action that id Software's upcoming shooter has in store. Bethesda also showed off Battlecry, its upcoming class-based shooter. Dishonored 2 was officially announced, and it looks interesting. Following its huge reveal, open-world RPG Fallout 4 was demoed and we got our first glimpse of Boston's post-apocalypse. Finally, Fallout mobile game Fallout Shelter was unveiled, and it's rolling out worldwide now!

Previously announced games with new info:

Fallout 4 received the most amount of screen time at the press conference:

Newly announced games:

Other News:

  • Bethesda announced Bethesda Net, a headquarters for all of the company's games and the community-created content from editors like Doom's Snapmap.

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