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Best PS4 Accessories In 2021: PlayStation 4 Controllers, Headsets, Hard Drives, And More

From controllers and headsets to charging stations and external hard drives, here are the PS4 accessories we recommend picking up.


With more than 100 million PlayStation 4 consoles out in the wild and plenty of new games still releasing for the platform, the PS4 is still alive and well despite the PS5 now occupying center stage. There's even a very active market for prospective PS4 buyers right now, so it's safe to say plenty of people are still spending a lot of time gaming on the console. And if you're gaming on PS4, there is a plethora of accessories that can enhance your overall experience. With a mountain of various accessories on the market, we decided to round up the best PS4 accessories to help you narrow down your selections. Many of these accessories are also compatible with PS5, which makes them even more intriguing if you think you'll upgrade down the line. From controllers and headsets to charging stations and external hard drives, take a peek at our list of the best PlayStation 4 accessories below.

While this roundup covers all major categories, we also have dedicated lists for the best PS4 controllers and best PlayStation headsets. If you're looking for game recommendations, take a peek at our roundups of the best PS4 games, racing games, and split-screen games.

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