Battlefield: Hardline DLC Expands Weapons Arsenal

Fans spot 11 additions in gameplay footage from Gamescom.


Battlefield: Hardline's arsenal is set to grow with the introduction of 11 new weapons.

Although publisher EA and developer Visceral Games are yet to officially detail the content, fans have analysed gameplay footage from Gamescom and picked out the new additions.

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The list includes a range of assault rifles, a new handgun, shotgun, and a sniper rifle, among others. Take a look of all the new weapons below.

  • F2000 Assault Rifle
  • MDC Assault Rifle
  • Famas Assault Rifle
  • RPK Assault Rifle
  • FN 57 Handgun
  • Scorpion (CZ 3A1) PDW
  • Saiga 12 Shotgun
  • Barrett M82 .50 Cal Semi-Auto Sniper Rifle
  • M1 Carbine
  • MP7 PDW
  • Throwing Knife

It is unclear when these new additions will arrive, but the upcoming Robbery DLC, which places a focus on heist activities, is a safe bet.

The release of the Robbery DLC follows the Criminal Activity expansion, which launched in June. The DLC is expected to launch sometime this summer, and will also have more maps and gear.

Two additional Battlefield: Hardline add-ons are also expected in the near future: Getaway (fall 2015) and Betrayal (early 2016). These are all available as part of the $50 Hardline DLC pass.

GameSpot's Battlefield: Hardline review awarded the cops and robbers shooter a 7/10, saying the "multiplayer remains the series' heart and soul."

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