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Battlefield 2042 Gameplay Leaks As Technical Test Begins

Despite being under a non-disclosure agreement, gameplay footage of the new Battlefield in action is finding its way onto the web.


Battlefield 2042's first technical test has started, and it didn't take long for leaked footage of the game to hit the web, despite the test being under a non-disclosure agreement that forbids the sharing of screenshots or video of the game in action.

The leaked videos give players the best look yet at Battlefield 2042, including new gadgets, vehicles, and the new "Plus" menu that allows players to customize their weapon on the fly mid-firefight.

While the exact origin of the leaks is unclear, they are presumably from the first day of the technical test, and at least some of the footage appears to have been uploaded to the Chinese video sharing platform Bilibili before being shared and reuploaded to YouTube by other users.

The first technical test runs from August 12-16 during specific three-hour windows each day, and is available to select players who signed up for an EA Playtesting profile. The test is available on PC, Xbox Series X|S, and PlayStation 5, though the full game will also be launching on Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Email invitations sent to technical test participants stated the test would be used to gather "intel on our core gameplay loop, technical performance, and stability," while also reminding players that the test is under a strict NDA.

Battlefield 2042's technical test is a far cry from Halo Infinite's first multiplayer test, which saw developer 343 Industries encouraging players to share screenshots and make videos about the still in-progress shooter. An open beta for Battlefield 2042 is scheduled for September, with players who preorder gaining early access.

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