Avengers Campus: How The Spider-Man Robot Works

At Avengers Campus, a life-sized Spider-Man animatronic will be flying high above the theme park. How is that possible, though?


While there's plenty to look forward to when Avengers Campus opens at Disney California Adventure this summer, there's one piece of this puzzle that has been dominating a lot of the conversation for Marvel Cinematic Universe fans.

Back in January, the Disneyland Resort YouTube channel posted a video of a Spider-Man animatronic robot flying through the air, as if he were swinging from webs. You can take a look at that video below. The description of the video claimed guests would be able to see Spidey swinging above the rooftops of the theme park expansion, but didn't give any clues about how that would integrate into Avengers Campus or what that meant. Would Spider-Man fly over the heads of guests on his way to fight some sort of crime?

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After taking a tour of the Avengers Campus construction site, we can assure you that there is no need to worry about Spider-Men falling from the sky onto guests' heads. Instead, what fans will see Spider-Man, in his park exclusive costume, swing and perform acrobatics above the WEB Slingers: A Spider-Man Adventure ride building, before jumping off of the building and coming out to greet visitors.

While it wasn't explained exactly how that would be possible, as the Imagineering team is sticking to the idea that there's only one Spider-Man and he's doing it all. Spider-Man is one of several Marvel superheroes you’ll have the chance to meet.

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"That one Spider-Man who's hanging off the front of the building or talking to you and your kids down below, and also doing these incredible gravity-defying feats and then swinging off the end of the building and then taking a photo with your kid," Disney Parks Live Entertainment executive creative director Dan Fields explained in a group interview. "That's Spider-Man. That's one Spider-Man because he does all those things."

Whatever the case, the Spider-Man animatronic is a first for Disney's parks. To have the web-slinger soaring high above the campus, which can be seen in concept art for the land, is surely going to be something guests are excited to see.

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Avengers Campus at Disneyland Resort's California Adventure is scheduled to open on July 18.

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