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Arrow-verse: Should Batwoman Get Her Own Show After "Elseworlds"

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GameSpot and TV Guide are crossing over to talk Batwoman!

Now that Batwoman has arrived and added a new hero to the Arrow-verse--not to mention a location in Gotham City--there are some questions we need to think about. The CW's superhero programming block is already jam-packed thanks to Arrow, The Flash, Supergirl, Legends of Tomorrow, and Black Lightning. Is there room for yet another hero next season?

To figure that out and take a deep dive through everything we learned about Batwoman in the "Elseworlds" crossover event, GameSpot teamed up with TV Guide for a roundtable discussion about whether a Batwoman show should happen and what it might entail. Luckily, thanks to "Elseworlds," we already know quite a bit.

First and foremost, this is a Gotham City that has been abandoned by Batman for one reason or another. In his place, Bruce Wayne's cousin Kate Kane (Ruby Rose) is suiting up at Batwoman to protect what's left of an already devastated city. Also still populating the city, from cells at Arkham Asylum, are the likes of Riddler, The Penguin, Poison Ivy, Clayface, and Nora Fries just to name a few. What stood out in the Gotham-centric "Elseworlds" installment as Easter eggs and open doors to many notable Batman villains and elements fans of the comics will find familiar.

It's, honestly, a remarkable amount of world-building done in a single one-hour episode of TV. What's more, as those who saw the end of "Elseworlds" know, this entire event was all building to next year's crossover, "Crisis on Infinite Earths"--which will include Batwoman and one of the Gotham City foes introduced.

With so much time spent introducing the world of Kate Kane, it already seems like a foregone conclusion that we'll definitely be seeing a lot more of her in the future. Will she get her own show, though? That's something we'll have to wait to find out. In the meantime, join GameSpot and TV Guide in dreaming for the day that happens.

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