Apex Legends Mobile's Next Update Is Called Aftershow And Arrives Next Month

The contents of the new update haven't yet been made clear.


Apex Legends Mobile's fourth battle pass is about to come to an end, and the mobile game's developers have finally announced the launch date for the game's next update--and revealed its name. In a recent tweet from the game's official Twitter account, developers confirmed that Apex Legends Mobile: Aftershow will go live on October 4 at 5 PM PT / 8 PM ET.

Precisely what this update consists of is anyone's guess, but given the fact that the developers have given the update an official title, one might assume that Aftershow is the name of Apex Legends Mobile's third season. But the tweet describes the update as "small" and doesn't go as far as calling it a new season. The game's current Hyperbeat battle pass is set to end the same day that Aftershow goes live, but both the Hyperbeat Event Hub page and the Hyperbeat Seasonal Store have a different "expiration date," with both of them slated to disappear on October 18.

Thus far, the game has set a two-legends-per-season pace, with each season split in half for a total of two battle passes per season. New legends have historically launched alongside new battle passes as well, with a mobile-exclusive legend debuting at the beginning of a new season, and a second legend sourced from the console and PC versions of the game arriving in the middle of the season.

Since players aren't scheduled for a new season of the mobile game until October 18, this announcement suggests that Season 3 won't debut when the Aftershow update goes live on October 4. The same can presumably be said for the next legend--we're due for a mobile-exclusive legend next, and it's hard to imagine the developers describing a new character's debut as a "small" update.

So what, exactly, does the Aftershow update have in store for players? It's hard to say. The timer on the Hyperbeat battle pass page suggests that a new battle pass may soon be on the way, but this would mark the first time players have seen three battle passes launch in a single season. If Season 3 is set to debut on October 18--as seems to be the case--debuting a new battle pass on October 4 and giving players two weeks to complete it hardly seems fair, unless Respawn is planning to decouple season launches and battle pass launches.

The tweet announcing the update suggested that patch notes are on the way, and will be revealed closer to the Aftershow update's launch. Until then, all anyone can do is speculate on the contents of the Aftershow update (or go on a wild datamining spree and find out for themselves).

Apex Legends Mobile is available for download on Android and iOS devices.

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