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Apex Legends Mobile Unveils New Mobile-Exclusive Legend In Season 2's Launch Trailer

The new trailer gives players a peek at the mobile game's upcoming season--and its newest exclusive legend.


Apex Legends Mobile has just released the official launch trailer for the popular mobile game's second season. The trailer depicts some of the upcoming season's changes and introduces a new legend named Rhapsody, who uses musical abilities (and an artificial canine companion) to best her foes on the battlefield.

Rhapsody is from the Neon Dunes district in Kómma, a locale that is new to the Apex Legends universe. She spends her free time DJing and fighting off her foes, claiming she's done something to cause a conflict with the powers that be who run Pythas, a tech giant that has taken over her home. Rhapsody's mother, an A.I, genius, was fired from Pythas after uncovering the company's secrets, now her daughter Rhapsody is competing in the Apex Games in the hopes of paying off a debt. Still, Rhapsody (and her adorable robotic dog, Rowdy, who her mother invented) are determined to continue fighting their enemies, especially on the new legend's home turf.

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Players will get a closer look at Pythas when the new mobile-exclusive map, Pythas Block 0, is unveiled at the beginning of the upcoming season. The neon, cyberpunk-themed map is full of obstacles and other POIs that are sure to make Apex Legends Mobile's new season a hit with mobile gamers.

While the map may eventually make its way to the console and PC version of Apex Legends, fans shouldn't hold their breath--currently, no content from Apex Legends Mobile has made it into the non-mobile version of the game, and Respawn hasn't said much about which mobile game features may eventually make their way into Apex Legends.

Rhapsody an her robotic companion on Pythas
Rhapsody an her robotic companion on Pythas

Based on the trailer, Rhapsody's abilities appear to include a shield made of blinding neon light, a noise bomb, and the ability to distort sound within in the game itself.

The trailer appears to confirm a recent leak listing code names for upcoming mobile-only legends. Players won't get to meet Rhapsody or check out her home until Apex Legends Season 2: Distortion launches next week, but in the meantime, they may wish to kill some time finishing up their Cold Snap battle pass before it expires on July 12 with the launch of the new season.

Apex Legends Mobile is available for download on iOS and Android.

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