Apache: Air Assault firing up this fall

Activision bringing Gaijin-developed helicopter combat title to Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 this year.


Eight years ago, Activision Value Publishing released Apache AH-64: Air Assault. The game bore a $19.99 price tag and arrived exclusively for the PC. Today, Activision announced its plans to release a high-definition version this fall called Apache: Air Assault for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

Activision is bringing a new helicopter combat title to the PS3, Xbox 360 this fall.
Activision is bringing a new helicopter combat title to the PS3, Xbox 360 this fall.

The game is currently in development at Russian studio Gaijin Entertainment, whose most recent release was 2009's aerial combat title IL-2 Sturmovik: Birds of Prey. The title promises players several variations of Apache attack helicopters and 16 multistage single-player missions throughout volatile regions of Africa, the Middle East, and Central America.

Apache: Air Assault has two options of play for virtual pilots. Arcade mode is designed to introduce players to the game's controls. In addition to the introductory level, the game supports a Realistic mode, where "realism and precision" are the core focus.

In addition to the single-player experience, the title features a cooperative component where two players team up as pilot and copilot and fly through a combat experience together. Further, the game supports online multiplayer in the form of Team Deathmatch, Ground Attack, Capture the LZ, and Ground Strike.

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