Apache Air Assault ships

Activision announces that its budget-priced flight combat simulator is now in stores. First screens inside.


Activision Value Publishing has today announced that Apache Air Assault is now available in stores across North America. In the game, which carries a recommended retail price of $19.99, players get to sit in the cockpit of the AH-64 Apache combat helicopter and do battle with enemy units both in the air and on the ground.

The game features both jungle and desert environments, and it challenges players to carry out a variety of missions, including taking out enemy outposts, providing air support for friendly units, and protecting oil refineries. Apache Air Assault can be played from a number of different exterior and interior camera angles, affording players the best possible view of their surroundings when necessary.

"Apache Air Assault allows players to take command of America's most advanced multi-role combat helicopter and soar into the heat of battle," said Patrick Kelly, vice president of studios, Activision Value Publishing. "With over 30 missions to choose from and an awesome array of weaponry, the game challenges players to seek out and destroy the enemy threats before they destroy you."

Apache Air Assault carries an ESRB rating of T, and it is in stores now.

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