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AOC Played Among Us With Ilhan Omar, Pokimane, DrLupo, And Others On Twitch, And It Was Great

Pokimane, Hasan Piker, and other popular streamers join the congresswoman in flushing out Among Us impostors.


Update: As planned, Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez streamed Among Us on Twitch Tuesday evening with popular streamers Pokimane, HasanAbi, Dr Lupo, and others joining in. Another US representative, Ilhan Omar, took part in the livestream event as well. The event was a huge success, attracting more than 430,000 concurrent viewers at its peak.

In her first round, AOC was the Imposter and she got caught. She got a little sneakier over time, successfully making it later into a match. She even had to slay Pokimane, despite her reservations. You can watch the full stream below, or check out some of the best moments from the stream.

Original story follows...

Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez wants to play Among Us on Twitch to help get people to vote—currently, her plan is to stream tonight, October 20, though no specific time has been announced. The New York Representative hasn't played Among Us before either, but streamers are already champing at the bit to get her on their stream. After her initial tweet, she sent out a follow-up asking for recommendations on who to play with.

The call for fellow players and streamers was met with several eager and high-profile volunteers, including Minnesota congresswoman Ilhan Omar (who also has a Twitch channel now), streamer and political commentator Hasan Piker, streamer Pokimane, and more. Ocasio-Cortez expressed an interest in using the live stream to encourage more people to vote, which is definitely a good strategy—200,000 people are watching streamers play Among Us on Twitch right now, and that number will only grow as the day goes on. Early voting is happening right now, too.

Among Us has garnered increased popularity with players of late, despite having been released on PC almost two years ago. It puts up to 10 players together on a spaceship or similar closed area, where they're divided into two factions: crewmembers and imposters. The job of the crewmembers is to fix ship systems by interacting with a number of locations around the map, solving small puzzles. Imposters--who look just like crewmembers--are working against the rest of the group for their own agendas, and even have a limited ability to kill the crewmembers. So the real game is about the crewmembers trying to identify and eliminate the imposters before the imposters kill them all. Players can report dead bodies and call votes to try to weed out the imposters, but the imposters can lie to try to throw the other players off their trails and hide their identities.

Shortly after announcing her interest in playing Among Us with streamers on Twitch, Ocasio-Cortez announced she was setting up her channel. She later confirmed that she is "hoping" to stream Among Us tonight, October 20, but didn't provide a more specific time. If you're interested in tuning in, you can follow her on her new Twitch channel.

The United States has been setting records for voter turnout in 2020. More than 29 million people had voted by October 19, up from the 6 million that voted by this point in the 2016 election. It never hurts to get more people to vote, though, and Among Us is just the game to spread the word with. It's been getting more and more popular over the past few months. It broke more than 4 billion views on YouTube in September and has hundreds of thousands of players on Steam at any given time. It helps that you can murder Toad in the murder mystery simulator (with special character mods), too.

Other groups have started to take advantage of games to get the vote out. More Than A Vote, a voting rights group, is releasing content about the importance of voting on 2KTV, the in-game NBA 2K show. We're bound to see more as the election date grows closer.

Representative Ocasio-Cortez made waves in the game industry earlier this year when she tried to stop the US military from recruiting through platforms like Twitch. The measure she proposed was voted down in August. We don't know when she'll be hopping on Twitch to finish tasks, but we'll update you once we do know.

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