AMD Could Be Preparing Its Own Mining-Focused GPUs Too

Following Nvidia's announcement of its CMP GPUs, AMD might also be looking at getting back into dedicated mining hardware.


AMD could be following in Nvidia's footsteps with the launch of its own cryptocurrency mining GPUs, according to patch notes for a Linux kernel drive.

The patch notes (via PCGamesN) mention a new GPU without any video outputs, a telling sign of hardware that is designed for large crypto mining farms. Curiously, the notes point towards an older RDNA 1, Navi 12 GPU, which indicates that AMD might be repurposing old hardware instead of using existing RDNA 2 resources for the new product line.

This would be different to Nvidia's approach, with the company recently revealing its CMP GPU range. These cards are purpose-built for mining, with no video outputs and more efficient power delivery and cooling without all the gaming bits that go to waste with a GeForce card. Of course, this means that Nvidia is stretching the already thin supply of silicon it has for three new products, meaning new gaming GPU releases will likely still be big targets for miners.

Nvidia attempted to go a step further by drastically reducing the efficiency of Ethereum mining on its latest RTX 3060 release, in a bid to dissuade miners from snapping up stock. The approach might not have worked at launch, with many RTX 3060 cards already retailing for close to double of Nvidia's MSRP and stock predictably limited.

The concern with both AMD and Nvidia following this approach is also the potential waste should cryptocurrencies experience a similar crash to the one when mining was last this profitable. Without video outputs, these cards hold very little resale value, meaning they could end up being expensive paper weights in the future.

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