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Aliens: Colonial Marines Significantly Overhauled With New Mod

The overhaul mod retouches what seems to be every aspect of the game.


Aliens: Colonial Marines launched in 2013 to an onslaught of negative reviews and criticism. Now, a modder has taken it upon themselves to overhaul the Aliens game into what people originally hoped Colonials Marine was going to be.

Templar GFX Modding is responsible for the mod, which can be found over on ModDB. The mod seems to retouch every aspect of the game including the engine, weapon mechanics, and animations. AI for both humans and Xenomorphs have been reprogrammed, and the visuals and effects have been improved as well.

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Some of the most significant changes seem to come in the form of making the Xenomorphs deadlier. Their behaviour and mechanics have been modified to make them more terrifying, and the mod says it "dramatically [shifts] the tone of the entire campaign." You can check out the mod for yourself right here.

The mod's description says this is "how [Colonial Marines] should have been when it came out." Many fans criticized the game for looking worse than what was originally shown in demos and gameplay trailers. Publisher Sega and developer Gearbox Interactive were accused of false advertising and even had a lawsuit filed against them.

Aliens: Colonial Marines was scored a 4.5 in GameSpot's review, which said it's forgettable enough to deem unnecessary.

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