Aliens: Colonial Marines Significantly Overhauled With New Mod

The overhaul mod retouches what seems to be every aspect of the game.


Aliens: Colonial Marines launched in 2013 to an onslaught of negative reviews and criticism. Now, a modder has taken it upon themselves to overhaul the Aliens game into what people originally hoped Colonials Marine was going to be.

Templar GFX Modding is responsible for the mod, which can be found over on ModDB. The mod seems to retouch every aspect of the game including the engine, weapon mechanics, and animations. AI for both humans and Xenomorphs have been reprogrammed, and the visuals and effects have been improved as well.

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Some of the most significant changes seem to come in the form of making the Xenomorphs deadlier. Their behaviour and mechanics have been modified to make them more terrifying, and the mod says it "dramatically [shifts] the tone of the entire campaign." You can check out the mod for yourself right here.

The mod's description says this is "how [Colonial Marines] should have been when it came out." Many fans criticized the game for looking worse than what was originally shown in demos and gameplay trailers. Publisher Sega and developer Gearbox Interactive were accused of false advertising and even had a lawsuit filed against them.

Aliens: Colonial Marines was scored a 4.5 in GameSpot's review, which said it's forgettable enough to deem unnecessary.

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Bought this game for five bucks a while back, but never played it, does the mod really help? Anyone got in depth info on what changes?

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@JackNief: Check the link for the mod... It includes all the changes and gameplay videos...

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@xXxKTTxXx: Oh neat! Thank you!

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I hope that Gamespot re-reviews the game with this mod (preferably by the same reviewer, Kevin VanOrd). Be interesting to see if this mod really does do what it advertises and makes getting this game worth the bother (it's only $15 on Steam right now).

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Can this mod be used in Coop play?

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Haven't tried this mod yet, but I have played ACM with all the final graphical/AI tweaks -- very playable game and just squeaks by the 7 score as a final assessment, probably more a 7.5 if you're a devoted Aliens fiend, since all the sound effects are source.

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People who do incredible things in their free time better than multi-million companies...

Not all heroes wear capes...

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@xXxKTTxXx: Modders do mods not for charity, but to enhance their portfolio and get hired by video game companies. Many of my buddies who are currently working in the video game industry got hired this way.

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False advertising

So true

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I have yet to play it due to its abysmal reception.

I might give it a go. Then again I have too many games, and too little time now.

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@Lach0121: i spent more time installing it than playing it.

IF (a huge leap of faith) the mod improves it significantly maybe give it a go.

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@itchyflop: Like I said, I have more games than I know what to do with, and more are only coming out.

However, if the new mod is well received, then news of it should spread. If this happens, I may just get it for the co-op campaign with my gf, and spend less than $5 on both copies during a Steam Sale.

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Still not sure HOW you guys gave this unplayable turd a better rating than Duke Forever. Duke Forever was better than THIS. 5.5/10 at least. I give A:CM a 0/10.

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@DrunkenPunk800: "5.5/10 at least" Love it

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@DrunkenPunk800: Not to attack or defend anybody but I think that's hilarious coming from a guy that has Duke as his avatar. I dunno, I think the development time had something to do with the score. You'd be hard-pressed to not let its development time influence how you feel about the game in some way. The way I would feel about Duke Nukem Forever being a sequel that took two years to come out would be different than the way I would feel about Duke Nukem Forever being a 15 year sequel to one of the greatest classic shooters ever made. At the other end of the spectrum, Colonial Marines was just another shitty licensed movie game. Completely different set of expectations to be had.

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@DrunkenPunk800: Agreed. DNF was easily a 6 or 7. LOTS of fun levels, great combat, variety, and a handful of laughs... I even played all the way through the campaign, and was satisfied (having played every DN game since the first.)

I played the first level of ACM, and enjoyed the setting & the sound effects. Never loaded it up again.

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And so, the angels did raise their trumpets and praise to the end of the dark times that was that abysmal release.

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If you fixed everything in it in terms of gameplay and visuals, you'd have a fun game, but you'd still have a story and characters I'd consider not worthy of being canon. Both are awful. I played it late, but as a huge Alien/Aliens fan, I wanted to give it a try, so spent three dollars on it on Steam almost last year exactly (a month off). At first, I was thinking it wasn't a great, or necessarily a good game, but not quite as bad as others were saying, and then further in, it eventually did become nearly as bad a game many others said it was unfortunately. I don't consider it canon. Alien Isolation on the other hand, that's superb to me.

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@NTM23: It's not super clear exactly what is and isn't canon in the Alien universe. Neil Blomkamp's Alien movie was going to disregard Alien 3 and Resurrection, which many fans disregard anyway. Then there's the AvP movies which don't connect to the others.

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@Spartan_418: Alien, Aliens, and Prometheus are canon. I'm pretty sure Isolation is as well, or definitely should be. Otherwise, three may be disregarded, and four definitely is. AVP is another thing entirely. Also, I'm pretty sure Blomkamp's Aliens film is still going to be made; it's just put on hold for now so Alien: Covenant (Prometheus 2) can be made.

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You can't fix an awful game. Misleading headline much?

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@Rambolike: It's overhauled, nothing about it being "fixed"

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@rosinmonkekyx17@Rambolike: It does say "fixed" in the subheadline on the main page. Fixed is in quotations there too.

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Good work, but too little, too late.

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Just shows how off base some developers are with what they are creating. Good job by the modders. :)

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Modders: finding a glimmer of hope where there was only a sinner of tropes.

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Two questions:
does the mod work with pirate versions?
does the mod maker has a way to get donations?

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@santinegrete: Pirates..

The scum of the PC race

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@rosinmonkekyx17: I get your anger about pirating, but do you get the anger of disappointed fans of Aliens and gamers all around from R. Pitchford lack of honesty and competence resulting in a broken product that became the disappointment of the year?

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@santinegrete: First, I'd like to state your point is valid

But what about people who actually work to buy these games...And then there are those who just pirate, as said in one of the GameSpot articles, pirating is a serious issue

I have to admit, Aliens Colonial Marines was pretty bad, it was nothing like the gameplay they showed in the demo, the demo they showed was really misleading, poor lighting, dumber AI's, it was just lackluster

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@rosinmonkekyx17: I know, I certainly can't counter your argument, I just do what I can as a disgruntled consumer to punish the guilty ones of this fiasco. I own most of Alien PC games on Steam, kinda wish there was a chance to get Alien Vs Predator 2 too.

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@rosinmonkekyx17: I think you missed the point here.

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@santinegrete: Agreed. If a Modder can make an unplayable game playable, he deserves the money.

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I hope by "fixed" they mean neutered so it can't reproduce.

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God bless the PC platform.

I have infinite respect for the people who take their own free time and dedicate it to creating something for others to enjoy with no intention of making anything from it.

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@Ayato_Kamina_1: Er...I'm sure the guy would accept donations. You should if you appreciate the mod.

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@Barighm: Well he probably would, and I would have to actively download and use this mod... and probably buy the game :p But I meant modders in general. They don't do it with the expectation of getting paid or anything like that, and that's what's so great about them. By all means donate if they do something that you spend a lot of time on or is really great. But these people would do it even if they didn't get a cent :)

So impressive when you think how the big developers are squeezing their customers for everything they can these days.

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Modders FTW