Acclaim confirms E3 lineup

Acclaim's product lineup for next week's E3 will feature a number of as-yet unannounced titles.


Acclaim has today released a partial list of the games it will be showing at E3 next week. The publisher believes that its lineup for this year's show is its most "dynamic" to date, and is planning to unveil at least two currently unannounced action games and new titles for two previously popular brands when the doors at the LA Convention Center open on the morning of May 12.

The Acclaim titles confirmed for E3 at the time of writing are as follows:

100 Bullets (PlayStation 2, Xbox)
All-Star Baseball 2005 (PlayStation 2, Xbox)
Combat Elite: World War II Paratroopers (PlayStation 2, Xbox)
Juiced (PlayStation 2, Xbox, PC)
Showdown: Legends of Wrestling (PlayStation 2, Xbox)
The Red Star (PlayStation 2, Xbox)
World Championship Rugby (PlayStation 2, Xbox, PC)

"E3 marks the beginning of an exciting new chapter in the history of Acclaim; one filled with leading-edge brands and unparalleled creative vision," said, Rod Cousens, CEO for Acclaim. "Driven by a diverse, world-class product portfolio, including established brands like as All-Star Baseball and World Championship Rugby, consumers are only first starting to see who we are today. Brands such as Juiced, Combat Elite, 100 Bullets and The Red Star, have already captured the media's attention and set the stage for our future, which will hold even more surprises and exciting new properties that we will announce during E3. "

Expect lots more on all of Acclaim's upcoming titles when we report live from E3 next week.

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