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250GB Xbox 360 drive arriving March 23 in US? - Retail Radar

GameStop lists, pulls listing for $130 expanded storage unit for Microsoft's console; Microsoft mum.


Not long after announcing the 250GB limited-edition Xbox 360 bundle for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, Microsoft went on record to say that it had "no plans" to release it as a stand-alone quarter-terabyte hard drive. Plans, of course, can change.

Gamers may not need to pick up a special bundle to get the 250GB drive after all.
Gamers may not need to pick up a special bundle to get the 250GB drive after all.

According to a product listing in specialty retailer GameStop's online database, Microsoft intends to roll out a stand-alone 250GB hard drive for the Xbox 360 on March 23 for $129.99. (GameSpot obtained a screen capture of the listing before it was removed.)

The price comes in at $30 more than the currently available 60GB Live Pack, which includes a hard drive, a headset, a three-month Xbox Live Gold subscription, and an Ethernet cable. Microsoft also currently offers a 120GB stand-alone drive for $149.99.

The 250GB has thus far been available as part of limited-edition $400 hardware-software bundles. Beyond the Modern Warfare 2 package, Microsoft has also issued a 250GB drive bundle in the US for Square Enix's Final Fantasy XIII. Earlier today, the publisher also announced the Splinter Cell: Conviction Special Edition Bundle, which includes Ubisoft's stealth action game as well as a 250GB-equipped black console and two black wireless controllers.

Microsoft had not returned requests for comment on the listing as of press time.

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