$400 FFXIII 250GB Xbox 360 bundle officially official

Microsoft confirms rumors of "special edition" bundle including white console, two controllers, and exclusive avatar items; limited-edition faceplate sold separately.


The day after its existence was leaked, the Final Fantasy XIII bundle has been announced. In tandem with its X10 event, the company revealed the special edition bundle, which will be the only FFXIII hardware-software combo package outside Japan. In that country--where it is not available on the 360--the game was available packed in with a custom-graphics PlayStation 3 when it went on sale December 13 in that territory.

All this for just $400*
All this for just $400*

According to the now-official box shot (top), the FFXIII 360 bundle will be a standard white version of the console with a 250GB hard drive attached. As rumored, it will come with two white controllers and a standard copy of the game. Also included will be "exclusive downloadable avatar items," presumably FFXIII-themed clothing and accessories. Like all Xbox 360s, it will include a standard-definition A/V cable and all requisite power cords.

Though the FFXIII 360 bundle won't have custom graphics, Microsoft is releasing a limited-edition faceplate with art inspired by the game (bottom). The faceplates, created by FFXII character designer Tetsuya Nomura, will not be included in the bundle and will be available in "fixed quantities" in Europe, North America, Australia, and New Zealand.

* = FFXIII limited-edition faceplate sold separately.
* = FFXIII limited-edition faceplate sold separately.

Due out on March 9 in North America and Europe, Final Fantasy XIII has been rated T for Teen by the ESRB for a variety of reasons, including the inclusion of "holographic dancers clad in bikini tops, skimpy leotards, and backless chaps." Semi-salacious imagery aside, the role-playing game is set in Cocoon, a floating human city built by an ancient race of massive mechanical beings embedded with magical crystals. Players will control a band of resistance fighters battling Cocoon's theocratic government--while simultaneously trying to protect the city from looming doom from outside.

For more on Final Fantasy XIII, read GameSpot's hands-on preview from today's X10 media event in San Francisco.

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