250GB Xbox 360 drive arriving March 23 in US? - Retail Radar

GameStop lists, pulls listing for $130 expanded storage unit for Microsoft's console; Microsoft mum.


Not long after announcing the 250GB limited-edition Xbox 360 bundle for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, Microsoft went on record to say that it had "no plans" to release it as a stand-alone quarter-terabyte hard drive. Plans, of course, can change.

Gamers may not need to pick up a special bundle to get the 250GB drive after all.
Gamers may not need to pick up a special bundle to get the 250GB drive after all.

According to a product listing in specialty retailer GameStop's online database, Microsoft intends to roll out a stand-alone 250GB hard drive for the Xbox 360 on March 23 for $129.99. (GameSpot obtained a screen capture of the listing before it was removed.)

The price comes in at $30 more than the currently available 60GB Live Pack, which includes a hard drive, a headset, a three-month Xbox Live Gold subscription, and an Ethernet cable. Microsoft also currently offers a 120GB stand-alone drive for $149.99.

The 250GB has thus far been available as part of limited-edition $400 hardware-software bundles. Beyond the Modern Warfare 2 package, Microsoft has also issued a 250GB drive bundle in the US for Square Enix's Final Fantasy XIII. Earlier today, the publisher also announced the Splinter Cell: Conviction Special Edition Bundle, which includes Ubisoft's stealth action game as well as a 250GB-equipped black console and two black wireless controllers.

Microsoft had not returned requests for comment on the listing as of press time.

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guess it aint true since today is the 23rd. maybe later perhaps...

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This is only good news imo to people who currently have the 20GB HD. 130 bucks seems like a great deal considering the 120 GB cost more currently. Although its imposible for me to ever max out even a 120 GB (i still have like 11 GB left out of 20GB), getting more for less $ is good. Besides in about a yr i will be forced to upgrade due to lack of space because of map packs etc that can take up to 1/2 a GB of space each. So getting more for about the same price makes it less of a slap in the face since we all know the prices on these HD are laughable.

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man i have an xbox but i dont know if i should wait or not

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If this is true, than I might consider getting a xbox360, if not...well, just gotta wait :P

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@AtheistPreacher Good point, but with ms banning any unlicensed 3rd party items...some may not work, or some people may not know they work...so they buy the ms products...and since people like hd movies and unable to buy them at stores...they have to dl...that's my point.

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I never delete my stuff, even if I never play it again, simply because I have a lil bro who will always play it. So this drive is awesome for me.

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I have the 120 Hard Drive and I barely have any of it used up.I only play my new games after I beat my old ones and I delete my data after I either get all the achievements or get sick of it and never play it. I think a 250GB hard drive would be nice for some addicted gamers who never delete their stuff but I ,for one, have no interest in this huge piece of crap

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A 250 gig HD for that much money....goddamned ripoffs.

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If I ever go back to XBL Gold, I will be happy to know I can now purchase some additional HDD space without feeling overwhelmingly ripped off. -- now I'll just feel a little ripped off. Keeping my fingers crossed that they keep the 60GB's around and cut the price down to $50-70. _

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Don't buy it people! Take a stand! Stop buying things that are a ripoff no matter how badly you want them.

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well, I'll most likely be picking up the 250GB HDD, could use the extra space for storing games on the HDD

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@undeadmarv But part of my point is that for stuff like movies, you can go buy a 1TB external from anywhere for less than $100. For anything that for whatever reason can't be kept externally... perhaps HD rentals, DLC, game downloads, demos... I see no reason anyone would need more than 120GB (I have around 30 or 40 360 games I think, plus several downloaded games... and I'm still okay with my 20GB drive). Whereas, for my PS3, which I have 50+ games for... my 160GB drive gets eaten up fast just from game install data. *Shrug*. I suppose some people might need all that space for only game-related data, but I don't think there are many. No matter the case, the cost of the drive is more than double what it should be.

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just tryin to keep up with playstation 3 cuz they have a 250GB console now

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With all the DLC & XBLA games they put up on the marketplace (not to mention installs FM3), it's a wonder it's not 500GB.

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Regardless of your choice in console, $130 for a 250GB hard drive is a rip off. I love my xbox. It gets way more playtime than my ps3 and wii, but that is no reason for me to voluntarily take one in the butt for a new hard drive. I'll bite when it is $60, MS. Until then, you can cram it.

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Hey if your hard drive if filled with moves and music just stream them to your xbox from your PC. It saves me alot of money and I get to save all my space for games. Plus i watch netfilx all the time. it is the way to go in this current age of tech. But this doesn't mean I'm not going to buy it!!!! :)

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My 120 gig ELITE is enough for now. Here comes all the PS3 users saying how their precious es are easier to upgrade.

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i hope that 250gb hdd for xbox 360 comes out so we dont have to get a xbox 360 with it.

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For a second, I thought the 360 was included. =P

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micmill Posted Mar 3, 2010 5:47 pm GMT LOL! I got a 320gb hard drive for my PS3 for $69 on newegg. Microsoft sure loves to overcharge for their peripherals and accessories. _____________________________ Yea but PS3 sucks HAHA.. So u got 320GB of nothing dum-dum..

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What i really dont understand is that i have a 500gb external drive connected via USB (soon upgrading it 1TB), this drive is formatted as 'FAT32', i can then simply place all my DivX films & TV shows onto it and play them directly from my dashboard. So, my question is: Why wont MS allow DL'd content to be stored on external USB drives? As this would simply negate this whole issue.

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I am pretty sure that 250 gb will not be enough for some people.

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no thanks, i rather crack open my hdd case and put in another one. its time they make a bay with a removable hdd

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Xbox acessories are wayyyy overpriced... Price cut is welcome.

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NO thanks.............my new 120 G PS3 will due just fine.

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Yeah I hope they offer a 250GB hard drive my 120GB is almost full. @Micmill yeah you got a 320GB for your PS3 but your hardware like your GPU is still equivalent to a NVIDIA 7300 and the XboX360 is equivalent to the NVIDIA 8600. And your PS3 is a sony product they almost go black listed from the USA because they were installing data mining software on to your pc when you but any sony entertainment group product in your DVD/CD ROM drive. So think if you PS3 is linked to your network just how are they watching what your doing with info.

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LOL! I got a 320gb hard drive for my PS3 for $69 on newegg. Microsoft sure loves to overcharge for their peripherals and accessories.

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I am excited by this news, but at the same time I'm not sure whether I could afford to upgrade right now. And also, I've still got plenty of room left on my harddrive, but I would just like to be prepared incase I need more. More certainly never hurts.

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I need a new HDD in the worst way. My 20gb one only has 2gb left & that's cause I erased a lot of games I downloaded. I would like to download disc base games onto my HDD too. Gotta be a way to bypass MS HDD & put our own in.

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to AtheistPreacher, its called downloading movies, tv shows, music, and whole games so it is all on one source, rather than having to keeparound a lame external, i have a 250 gb hardrive from my mw2 special edition and guess what i have my entire music library on it, various movies, tv shows cosmos,southpark, 3 seasons of venture brothers, pictures, netflix, deadspace, battlefield 1943, trials, mass effect, shadow complex, ninja turtles, other arcade and full games. and guess what it still isnt full. not close

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dude it is only 130 dont be cheap, thats 20 LESS (yes less) than the 120 with more than 2x the capacity. man up

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$130 bucks for only 250 GB? Ouch!!! I'll have to figure out how to do the 250 GB mod. From what I hear, all you have to do is format the right 2.5" drive, and the 360 will never know the difference. If anyone has a link to a walk-through, feel free to pm me. All I know is that I won't be cowed in to dropping that kind of money for the hard drive.

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haha I totally called that. they stopped making the 120GB so it was an easy call.

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and i was just about to pay $100 for a 60 gb hard drive.

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This is just more evidence that none of the big three have any plans of coming out with a new system any time soon. The next gen is still a long ways off. Not that im complaining.

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Where is the value here? 360 Final Fantasy 13 bundle 250 GB HD is $400. PS3 250 GB is $350. Is all this hype over saving $10? I think I'll go with the system that has the bluray player and wifi.

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I love xbox and the games on it but I won't pay bull &*@# prices. I won't be playing Halo on live again unless I get a membership card from costco. Some gamers aren't stupid...some...

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[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

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Good to see this. It's not too expensive IMO. I am sure with Natal coming out people are going to need more space. Keep the goodies coming MS!

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@ TzarStefan they actually do have laptop drives for the 360 they just put that stupid housing around it and formatted in in a special way so they would be the only ones that could make harddrives for the 360. but I know a guy on youtube can take regular laptop drives and format so they'll work on the 360 all u got to do is remove the caseing of the current drive and stick the new one in he has a vid to show u how. the only problem is u can only upgrade to 120gb because the 360 won't recognize anything higher then that.

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I can make my own 250s for 70 bucks ^^.

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@AtheistPreacher When MS relies on dls of movies and such unlike ps3 which you can buy the bluray of (for high def), many people may need hdds instead of having to have alot of memory sticks thrown around...

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@P0T Agreed. HDD have always been overpriced on the 360 ever since they first came out. This is really nothing new. It’s actually getting really old hearing everyone say “OMGZ…EPIC FAILZ bcuz u can buy a 1 TB for less!!!” It is interesting that if the price is correct it will be selling for less than the 120 GB…which hopefully means they will lower the prices of the rest of their HDD so people who have no HDD or the crappy 20 GB can finally upgrade at a more reasonable price.

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this isnt even news worthy imo and if you already own a 120 GB elite like myself that should already be plenty of space. heck even 60GB should be plenty of space unless your really going out of your way to take up room on your hard drive. why would you even need 250 GB for your 360? the only thing i do that takes up space is install the games that i play all the time but even then when im dont playing them i just uninstall them. besides as everyone knows microsoft over charges for there accessories in general and there accessories hardly ever go down in price. for the last time you really dont need all that space unless your really going out of your way to just fill up your hard drive.

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at least paying 130 bucks for a 250 gb hard drive is easier to swallow than paying the same for a 120gb hard drive. we all know it's over priced but what can u do right? i wonder if they will clearance sale the old 120 and by how much.

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I really don't understand the pricing model for these HDDs. What the ****? I love my 360, but damn, MS needs to bring down the greed factor a little.

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No one effing cares how much you bought a HDD for!!! We all know the MS official HDD's are more expensive. We ALREADY know this! 50 comments all saying the same damn thing.

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This is way too expensive. But, what can we do. People are still going to buy it so MS wont lower the price.

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more expensive than 1TB hard drive!!! No way M$!!!