2 man army, bring your friend

User Rating: 7 | Army of Two X360
Late review, but i'm really excited. The game rocks, our heros charisma and jokes just drops you in it. It could be better in realisation, but it's still amazing.

Game is 3rd person, shoulder. You are a special 2 man anti-terrorism squad and you are kicking some asses out of terrorists for some money. The main point of game is co-op of course, you work with your partner like he is completing you, fighting hordes by hordes of bad persons, healing eachother, switching weapons with eachother and using other surviving tricks. Enemy's AI works good, you should use some tactics. Story and cinematographic videos just completely satisfy you.
Of course there are some flaws, like controls sometimes are hard to operate. But it's ok, gameplay is good and fun enough. 7/10.

Awesome looking action shooter with a decent adrenaline. One of the best co-op games ever.

Some flaws in gameplay.

Everything looks sweet. You really have a feeling like you are filming an action movie, bullets, explosions and etc. Voice acting is sweet too.

"Elliot Salem and Tyson Rios. We will remember these names for ages." (c)