Sorry gamespot wrong again!

User Rating: 8 | Army of Two X360
As any user of GameSpot out there knows, these guys get you the goods when it hits the airwaves, but as most users know their rating system seems to hold some serious bias.

Bottom line, Army of Two is to be taken lightly. (This is not COD 4) It's a big gun, big damage, senseless violence kinda game. The kinda violence that makes you (and now a friend) go: "Whoa! that guy like broke his spine on that railing after a shot him in the face! Yah! Rag doll!"

I read the review that Game Spot posted, which did two things. One make me question their reliability of putting a game to the same standards as others, and two it insulted me right at the end.

"If you're the type of person who would rather shoot first and ask questions never, by all means, pick up Army of Two. But if you like to think--and the fact that you're reading this review suggests that you do--be warned: Army of Two is less than the sum of its parts. " -Joe Dodson, Game Spot

Suggesting that anyone who enjoys the game, doesn't think or actively pursue the process, is just adding injury to insult. I mean you can happily have your opinion on the game, but @#&! you when it comes to making personal attacks to the very people that play and pay for the games and reviews and content here on Gamespot.

I'm really just saying that I think the user rating is what any gamer should go by. Hear from the people for the people. The game makes fun and prys at issues that in real life are very serious, but a game with one of the main bad guys calling the player a "@#&!-O" can't really be taken too serious. The bit about everyone being terrorists in the review and game, well that might have something to do with you targeting actually terrorist bases and facilities. It's not like you're killing random by standers for no reason. *cough* GTA *cough*

I'm not bashing GTA here either, I'm just saying check the games rating if you're old enough and feel you can handle the content enjoy the game, if not, don't play.