Got more bugs in it than the local kebab shop.

User Rating: 3 | ArmA II PC
I was really looking forward to this game but i cant believe they messed this up so badly.
Whats the point of releasing an unfinished product like this.
They cant have tested this game before released, and if they did they clearly have no pride in their work.

Now with the 1.03 patch, the campaign are playable to the extent that you can actually finish it, but even with the 1.01, 1.02 beta, 1.025 and 1.03 patch its so buggy it just drain the fun out of it.

Everything from your fun little support like helicopter extraction, UAV, artillery and air strike are all messed up and wont work as they should 90% of the time.
Graphic glitches and AI getting all stupid are frequent

I came to the point where i could build my own base and manage it.
I built up a small base with the funds i had there and then and hired some soldiers and vehicles for my next attack.
Everyone is in my group where i assigned them, i tell them where to go and get ready for the joined attack (Me being High command).
But i go ahead and get my self killed, but no biggy i saved after all the arrangements had been done.
But no, when i reload the base have packed and the units i had placed were no longer in my control, they just stood where i had placed them and don't move, i cant add them to my command again or control them, they will just stand there until killed or game over.

I cant take this any more, a game should not give so much aggravation and work.

This game will probably be ok when they have patched it 5 or 6 more times.
I wont spend my money on anything Bohemia makes ever again.

Operation flashpoint 2 is coming out in the near future, don't buy it until it have been out a while and for god sake read the forum first like i should have done before buying this trash!