If you want fast paced action 100% of the time, then really don't even look at this game!

User Rating: 8 | ArmA II PC
I am only a few hours into this but there seems to very little in the way of reviews that I could find so I took a punt and bought it. So for anyone else in the boat who might be thinking is it for me or not then read on!

So starting off to warn anyone now its not a game where you will go round killing hundreds of people in a few minutes its also not a game were I would say you can pick up and play. Even the training is tough! This is best described as a military simulator. A few shots and your injured sometimes saved by your teammates sometimes you will just be shot in the head and die! Just like real life I guess!

The distance between waypoints can be massive running for 1000 meters in a forest can get a tad boring sometimes only to find your next way point is another 1000 meters in a diff direction (keep reminding myself its a simulator and in real life you have to run far in the army) The map itself is just massive beyond anything I have seen in a game!

Just like in the army you have a massive amount of weapons........you will fly several diff types of helicopters, loads of cars, tanks, boats, planes (for the copters and planes I found my xbox Pc controller alot of help!) and these is fun to be had from blasting the hell out of a village in a tank or a gunship! You don't always do the driving and shooting you can leave it to the AI and you can sit back and enjoy the ride few keyboard keys and the AI will do the rest and kill all targets on the way.

You can command in later missions from a few men to a massive battle group (yet to experience this but am sure it will be fun). During each mission side missions appear and you can choose to accept or decline and sometimes you will even just stumble across something that will turn into a side missing like locating a mass grave or escorting!

The game really does a good job of involving you and you do feel your there to make a difference. There is some humor and communication between your team mates.

The game needs a good computer, mine isn't the fastest computer so got it on medium/low which puts the graphics a bit rubbish but makes it payable and takes away slow down.

The only major problem is the aiming of the gun, I have a razor gaming mouse and I am finding it impossible to hit anything in training, in game am a little better maybe with some practice it'll get better who knows (the game could of done with slight aim help like some other games). Another minor issue is the AI and quite a few graphical glitches like people moving 360 on the spot, doing random fast moves and looking a bit stupid! or tanks clipping through buildings or walls.

So in summing up this game will take your time and patience to get into it and to enjoy it, if you stick with it I think it will be a very good game, am a tad undecided at the moment it has its plus and negative points I will stick by it but I think it boils down to this if you want a realistic military game that will take brains lots of skill and very difficult then go for this if you want a COD4/Halo type game stay well clear!