Not bad!!!

User Rating: 7 | Area 51 PC
I picked up this game because I am a fan of the X-files, and Well David Duchovny did the voice for the main guy in the game. This game is not bad at all. Gamespot should have given this game a 7.5 at least. Yes it's nothing new, but nothing is broken in this game. The game play is solid, and the gun play is great. I don't know where they get off saying the voice acting was bad, when it's not. There is a couple of moments in this game, that make you scared out of your seat, and some daul every day shooter moments that don't knock you shoes off. But, because it's not NEW, and does not deliever anything New to the shooter games, gamespot gives it a 6.9. Makeing people that take the rateings like gamespot is GOD, will never play this average joe shooter, that has a great story, and fun game play. It may be average people, but get over the fact there is nothing new, and play this wonderful average game. :-p