Guilty Gear's younger sister can also kick ass,despite (or even because of) the "moe" thematic.

User Rating: 9.5 | Arcana Heart 3 PS3
Arcana Heart...Or the Mother of All underrated 2D fighters.

Because of your "moe fanservice" vibe (though,it looks considerably less cutesy than the previous games),virtually every 2D fighter fan will immediately dismiss you for being a half-assed/non-serious game,when in fact,you are one of the most versatile,frenzied fighters around.

What sets it apart from the more "serious" 2D fighters (besides the moe) is the emphasis they put on both the huge stages,which allows an awesome air game,and the all new arcana and characters,making the possible combinations go up to 529!

It offers most of what Blazblue does (though admittedly,the story mode of Blazblue is much superior) game-mode wise,so while it doesn't have as much content as it's relatives,what it delivers....delivers.(including the superb Online mode and the GRUESOME Score attack Boss...)

Gameplay-wise,Arcana Heart 3 is totally worth her brethren Guilty Gear and Blazblue (which you prefer over the other is really a matter of personal taste only)..The secret with Arcana Heart is ironically,to look past it's "pretty-girl" exterior to see it's deep gameplay within.

FYI,I am one of those who enjoys both the game and the Moe appeal of it :D

+Fast-paced and very mobile fighting mechanics,reminiscent of Guilty Gear
+529 possible combinations of characters and Arcana!
+ Cute,underrated aesthetics

-Like the previous games,story is rather weak.