The all girl fighting game Arcana Heart returns for the third installment!!!

User Rating: 8 | Arcana Heart 3 PS3
The story this time around is that they're these crystal rocks that appeared all over Japan. There is a rumor going around that if you collect them all you will be granted a wish. And there's also something to do with fighting a giant robot called Ragnarok that will destroy Japan! Depending on the character you play as you will get a different story. But they end up being similar anyways.

Gameplay has much improved this time around. It's your standard 2D fighting game but with tweaks and new stuff. What makes this game different from most fighting games is the homing system that allows you to dash towards your opponent anywhere on the screen. Then there's the Arcana. Think of this as like your specials like a fireball and projectiles and etc, but 23 different versions. There are 23 different characters in this game, all girls, each possessing their own Arcana. For modes you got your arcade, score attack, training and online play.

Graphics are all 2D sprites with 2D backgrounds. Its not really that impressive like say Blazblue but what makes this game great are its animated sidebars! Basically your character is on the side, when you attack or get damage or win etc, it will be animated on the side. This is mainly just for the fan service but that's what its all about. There is also a gallery mode that lets you look at the art and such, nice looking stuff :) Music is also good and heart warming. The voice acting is also all in Japanese.

Good thoughts:
- unique fighting system
- nice looking art
- all girl fighter
- animated sidebars!

Bad thoughts:
- story for each character is pretty much the same thing