Developer Naughty Dog unveiled some new information about The Last of Us Part 2 in today's State of Play livestream. During the showcase, director Neil Druckmann confirmed that the upcoming sequel features "some of the largest environments" Naughty Dog has ever created.

While talking over various gameplay sequences before showing off an extended look at The Last of Us Part 2, Druckmann divulged some interesting tidbits about the sequel and its world. He confirmed that Ellie can perform various traversal movements--including climbing, jumping, swinging from ropes, and swimming--while exploring a dilapidated Seattle and other locations "previously unexplored" in the game's universe. These additional traversal mechanics will allow you to discover new areas, resources, and side missions.

The Last Of Us Part 2 Exploration & Combat: Everything You Need To Know In Under 4 Minutes

While talking about the new additions made to The Last of Us Part 2, Druckmann said that the game features incredibly large environments never-before-seen in a Naughty Dog title before. As such, horseback riding and boat sailing are necessary components to making your away across The Last of Us Part 2's world.

Naughty Dog also unveiled several other details about The Last of Us Part 2, including some new enemy types, the two warring factions within the game, and more. And during the extended gameplay sequence, above, the studio showed off a funny easter egg: an NPC playing Hotline Miami on a PlayStation Vita.

The Last of Us Part 2 will launch exclusively for PlayStation 4 on June 19. You can check out our Last of Us Part 2 pre-order guide to learn more about the bonuses that come with the game. And we've got you covered if you're curious when reviews will go live.

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