Aerofighters Assault is sometimes fun but more often underwhelming

User Rating: 5.2 | Sonic Wings Assault N64
Aerofighters Assault is a somewhat entertaining but very flawed air combat game. It is more simulation then typical on consoles but at the same time it is almost entirely arcadey and the premise is very farfetched which sort of spoils the disproportional realism shown in the aircraft themselves.
Basicly there is nothing really awful about the game but at the same time nothing about it is remarkable. the graphics and sound are nothing special and neither is the level design or enemy intelligence. Although the piloting attempts to be realistic it doesn't match the level displayed on PC simulations.
Basicly the game lacks anything special, the levels aren't interesting and neither is the actual combat that you take place in. Aerofighters Assault fails where all console sims fail in that you cannot make a good in depth flight sim on a joypad. The game admittedly can be fun from time to time but I would reccomend staying away from it.