The game may have it's flaws, but in the end it's old school goodness.

User Rating: 7.7 | Sonic Wings Assault N64
Aero Fighters Assault is just plain fun to play. I'm not saying that just because I totally schooled my brothers every single time we played (though it may be a factor). There is a certain amount of joy of chasing down an enemy aircraft, locking on your missiles, and blowing him out of the sky. I personally love blowing planes out of the sky, and this game gave that to me in droves. There were boss fights, fights against tanks, and an X-29 flown by a dolphin. Man I love that dolphin...
Don't think it's all rainbows and sugar. The game has its share of flaws. As usual your wingmen are one notch above useless. Their dialogue being the only value that they bring to the table, and that's not saying much. Don't expect any help from them when you are in trouble. Some levels are ridiculously hard without the right airplane. Oh, and the realism is a bet askew. You're saying the A-10 can't have lock on rockets, but that stealth bombers can fire lasers at me? Cmon! Oh, and while being moderately entertaining for shooting your brothers out of the sky, the multi-player only supports two at a time. Starfox 64 at least had 4 player matches. One on one fights tend to get boring if you keep loosing or winning every single time.
Apart from that, I would recommend this game to anyone who enjoys getting in the cockpit and shooting down some bandits. Oh, and make sure to get the dolphin. He is one mean aquatic mammal.