awesome game of the year i love it can't enough of it this on the NES

User Rating: 10 | Takahashi Meijin no Bouken Jima NES
now i can tell u story about this game claasic boy Rescue his girlfriend from trouble but walking talking animal who know anyway cut to the chase this is any awesome game of the year worth playing i play the rules on this game r abit diffrent think of it like super mario bros. game is just about the same as the mario bros. only intead of shinking everythingh can kill u touch any animal,rockes,torches & buges well u knoww the rest but don't worry have a hammer that can know out almost everything but rock but but not to worry u have weapon that u can throw fire destroy rock & any enemy's that will stop u
next is the level i can't say it is easy but let me tell u it not when get to at least level 3-1 your on your own after that i can say is watch out with this flying Vegetable it drains your food supplies down faster then normal even if it goes away u will still lose it like the designer real wanted u try to get this game beaten by memories collect fruit & Vegetable to give u more time to race to the finish if u run across with a hidden witch u should throw what ever weapon u have at the ground if it dispear at screen instead of the ground then that mean u found a hidden egg or an floting lift that will take u to a bonus stage still never beat this game & if u lose u get game over & u start back from the begin of the game but is a way to do it but i think u need to go to to get that info if your looking for some like mario gameplay this is it