The best game i have played so far!

User Rating: 10 | Ace Combat X: Skies of Deception PSP
Ace combat is really worth to buy as it boasts great imaging quality and its very realistic :) i have been playing the game throughout ever since i bought the game and i must say they should have a new version for this.

this game will definitely please all the plane lovers out there. the missions are fun and they are not too tough, but some of them can really keep you on your toes~! this is not like after burner, where you can only veer to the left and the right. this has many controls and requires some time to get used to it. There are different mission paths to take and obviously different paths will lead to different rewards thus usually you have to complete the game a few times in order to get every plane unlocked and available for purchase.

it seems to be somewhat linked to japanese anime, where they have cutscenes of japanese anime people speaking or whatsoever.

The aircrafts, special items(Armaments like missles) and parts that area available for experimental crafts have to be purchased through credits, earned after every mission. you get quite a reasonable amount of cash so its not too much to ask for!

one aspect of the game i find really cool is the ability to svae the replays of the previous missions you play and the replays are available everytime you finish or fail a mission. there are about 10 different camera angles which includes cockpit, 3rd person view, on ground and missles. the missle one is like the camera follows the missle that you shoot out.

missles play a very big role in this game for the start and you cant possibly survive without it for a start. later on, the machine gun in my opinion really seems to help alot, especially when you have a really good upgraded experimental craft.

Free Mission Mode:
well this is playing individual missions on their own, really good for clearing the special unit and ace of the map in order to unlock specials. the missions are only available if you complete them in campaign mode.

Multiplayer Mode:
the game also boosts multiplayer option that is able to compete against your friends, minimum of 2 people, maximum of 4. there are numerous ways of competing such as dogfights and so on.

What i like about the game:

It boosts good quality and real-life scenes
Loads of unlockables (Around 30 aircrafts)
Special colour is available for each colour
Loads of different weapons and special weapons that can be attainable by shooting down the ace of every mission
Able to hear the enemy radio so you kinda know what is happening for your enemy :) usually it kinda becomes chaotic for them.
able to save replays of missions and they have it about 10 different camera angles, really cool!