don't ask questions. go out and buy it now.

User Rating: 9.8 | Ace Combat X: Skies of Deception PSP
if you're a fan of the Ace Combat series, read this paragraph and no further. This is more of the same futuristic goodness that 3 4 and 5 had, but this time, the XFA-27 gets back in the game to show everybody how it's done. that's all you need to know. go out and buy it. if you're still a bit unsure about flying about flying with 1 stick or only 2 shoulder buttons, the dpad is for percision(yaw+pitch up+down) and the nub is for dogfighting(roll and pitch).

all the dogfighting is still there(although it's the diffuculty from 5, and not the hairy chested beastfighters from Zero) and there's plenty of it. there aren't as many aces as Zero, but there is a super weapon almost every 5 missions. the game is of epic porportions. enormous bomber fortresses that turn invisible and supernova stomp you, cities with laser rings, enormous radar placements, and so much more, all waiting for you to put the hurt on them.

you can finally upgrade planes. engine, wing, armor, weapon, and cockpit upgrades are avaliable. engine=better powerplant.
wing=modified wings for better stability and or manuverability
armor=better durability
weapon=better weapon damage/capacity
cockpit=better flight systems(better air to air/ air to ground) and or beter HUD displays

the unlock system is pretty straight forward too. shoot the target with a star next to it.

all this considered, this may be the best PSP game of 2006. buy it now, then take the rest of the week off.