has a great art style and its gameplay sounds good in theory however the actual experience lacks much depth

User Rating: 6.5 | A Boy and His Blob WII
- hand drawn art style is very nice to look at
- 40 levels plus 40 unlockable challenge levels
- good for kids, low difficulty and simple interfaces
- generous and well placed checkpoints reduce frustration
- unlockables such as concept are and videos
- classic controller support if you don't like the nunchuck/remote

- no use at all of motion controls which really sucks
- repetitive gameplay
- controls can be clunky at times like when selecting on the jellybean wheel and when aiming a jellybean toss
- not many of the blob's forms are very engaging like the hole, ladder, trampoline
- only 4 styles of level: forest, cavern, blob home world and mechanical
- save system is automatic, and only one save slot is available
- load screens between levels and during levels when going through doors

What could have made it better
- more variety in environments such as a snow level or a town
- blob forms that are more action packed
- traditional save system with slots
- motion control puzzles
- custom level creator