Not too bad..

User Rating: 7 | 18 Wheels of Steel: Pedal to the Metal PC
The game is fun as it lasts, its very addicting drivng trucks accros the north american contonent. You got America, Canada, and Mexico to drive your truck in. You start off as an employee, driving cargo over the place. After some time, you get to make your own business, and plan wich cargo to drive. The game does have a couple of problems, for example, there is no music. The game lets you play yor own music in .OGG format. (what i did is ripp my GTA:vice city radio stations into the game). It was somewaht fun listening to Maurice Chaves on VCPR while driving cross country. Another problem with the game is that its too easy to get money, and way to fast to get high up. I reccomend this game for about a week of casual play. But this game is very addicitive for some reason. Youll find yourself hauling cargo for a couple of hours straight. This game aint that bad, look in the local bargain bin for a copy, or yor local flea market.